Full Face helmets offer many advantages for most riders. The built-in face shield offers protection from bugs, rocks, rain, and wind. Additionally, many newer models come with an optional flip down/up tinted visor inside, like seen on fighter pilot helmets. Many full-face helmets are now equipped with built in speakers
There is an old saying among riders, “keep the rubber side down”. Although there are many factors that help us do that, tires are a critical component of a motorcycle. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and science figuring out which tires to put on each of their models. Although
I love my modular helmet! After I purchased my first one in 2013 I will never go back to a regular full face. Granted, there are some positives and negatives to this type of helmet: Positives: 1: Provides the same protection from elements as a full-face while giving the convenience
No one likes to talk about fatalities. Nowadays it feels as though everyone you talk to has been, or knows someone who has been, affected by a motorcycle fatality. Our mission here at Utah Rider Education is to help reduce fatalities and crashes with education, however, with numbers that seem
Like most folks, when I thought of a Scooter I imagined the flip-flop beach-bum with the classic baby blue Vespa and the cute rounded headlight riding around with no helmet, salty hair, and not one care in the world. I used to see this image and figure there was obviously