Basic Rider Course

By far, the Basic Rider Course is the most popular rider education program we offer. Cost is $200.00 which includes up to 15 hours of training, consisting of 5 hours of classroom and about ten hours of riding.

The course starts with the fundamental basics, beginning with the primary motorcycle controls and the proper procedure for starting the engine. By the end of the first day of riding, students will have learned and practiced shifting, stopping and turning. During the second day of riding, the class focuses on street skills. cornering judgment, evasive maneuvers, limited space maneuvers and much more. Upon completion of the classroom session, students will take a 25-question written exam and at the end of the riding portion a riding evaluation.

Graduates will receive a completion card that carries with it many cool benefits: waiving the riding portion of the motorcycle license exam at the Utah Driver License Division, discounts from most insurance companies, and discounts at most local dealerships. Our Basic Rider Course is the best way to get the very desirable "M" (for motorcycle endorsement) on your driver’s license.

Class size is limited so that each student gets as much attention from our instructors as possible. Basic Rider Courses are offered in a variety of schedules and typically take place weekly from March through October.

What To Bring

We provide the motorcycle and the helmet! But there are a few things you'll need to bring.

  • If you bring your own, your helmet must be approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Full-fingered, full coverage gloves, preferably leather. No fingerless gloves, gloves that expose the knuckles, or gloves that expose the top of the hand.
  • Eye protection such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles or a full-face helmet. We highly recommend sunglasses on sunny days.
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket and long pants, preferably blue-jeans. Students arms must be covered while on the range.
  • Shoes or boots must cover the ankle. Large heels and platforms are not appropriate because they prevent riders from using the foot controls.
  • Prepare for hot or cold weather by dressing in layers and bringing an extra jacket if the weather looks cold or wet.
  • Sunblock.

We provide water, but students will need to bring their own snacks and/or lunches. Most of the breaks we take are only about 10 minutes so that we can get in as much riding as possible.

Personal scooters are welcome in our Basic Rider Courses. Additional arrangements may have to be made to ensure we can accommodate scooters. When requesting course dates please let us know you wish to take your scooter through our course. Student owned scooters will be required to pass a basic safety inspection given the day of the riding class.

To prepare for the course, we recommend drinking extra water the day before the class and getting as much sleep as you can. For many students learning the new skills and being outside all day can be quite tiring. We also recommend riding a bicycle as much as you can before the class. It's a great way get reacquainted with two-wheeled vehicles.

Utah's Tiered License

In 2008 Utah adopted a tiered motorcycle license system. The idea behind the law was to prevent brand new riders from starting out on large, powerful motorcycles and to encourage learning to ride on smaller, lighter bikes. This is similar to licensing regulations used in most European countries.

  • If you test on a 90cc or less motorcycle or scooter you will be restricted to 90cc or less
  • If you test on a 249cc or less motorcycle or scooter you will be restricted to 249cc or less
  • If you test on a 649cc or less motorcycle or scooter you will be restricted to 649cc or less
  • If you test on a motorcycle or scooter larger than 650cc you will be allowed to ride any motorcycle or scooter

When you take the Basic Rider Course on our 250cc trainer motorcylces, successful completion will waive the riding portion of the license test for an up to 649cc endorsement. To get an endorsement for motorcycles above 649cc you have three options;

  1. Re-test with us on your own motorcycle within 30 days of your Basic Rider Course. This takes about 15-20 minutes and the price is $15.
  2. Re-test with us on our 650cc motorcycle within 30 days of your Basic Rider Course. Price for this option is $50.
  3. Take the Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) with the license waiver on your personal motorcycle that is 650cc or larger for $85. This option is mainly for people who are past their 30 days.

Re-tests must be scheduled ahead of time.

Class size is limited to ten students for riding sessions to allow us to provide additional personal attention and coaching. Fees, schedules, locations, and courses are subject to change without notice. Classes with an insufficient number of students may be canceled. Students who fail to show up for class will be assessed a $40 rescheduling fee. Cancellations will be charged a $40 refund fee. No refunds offered after a class starts.