Private or One-on-One Training

Without a doubt, one-on-one instruction is the fastest way to improve your skills and lead you quickly to improvements in your riding.

Utah Rider Education offers the most flexible and complete private instruction in the state. It can be tailored to meet your needs. Private courses can be the Basic Rider Course or the Experienced Rider Course/License Waiver based on the needs of the student.

The people who enjoy our private instruction the most are students who have extremely busy schedules or are working on a limited time frame.

Private instruction is also extremely popular with students who feel like they need the added, extra attention that can only be achieved from one-on-one instruction.


  • BRC: $400 for one Student, $275 each for two students.
  • BRC2: $140 with your bike. $200 if we provide the bike.

What To Bring

If you are taking the Basic Rider Course we can provide the motorcycle and the helmet or you can choose to bring your own scooter. If you are taking the Experienced Rider Course you'll bring your own bike. But there are a few other things you'll need.

  • If you bring your own, your helmet must be approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Full-fingered, full coverage gloves, preferably leather. No fingerless gloves, gloves that expose the knuckles, or gloves that expose the top of the hand.
  • Eye protection such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles or a full-face helmet. We highly recommend sunglasses on sunny days.
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket and long pants, preferably blue-jeans. Students arms must be covered while on the range.
  • Shoes or boots must cover the ankle. Large heels and platforms are not appropriate because they prevent riders from using the foot controls.
  • Prepare for hot or cold weather by dressing in layers and bringing an extra jacket if the weather looks cold or wet.
  • Sunblock.

We provide water, but students will need to bring their own snacks and/or lunches. Most of the breaks we take are only about 10 minutes so that we can get in as much riding as possible.

To prepare for the course, we recommend drinking extra water the day before the class and getting as much sleep as you can. For many students learning the new skills and being outside all day can be quite tiring. We also recommend riding a bicycle as much as you can before the class. It's a great way get reacquainted with two-wheeled vehicles.