Summer Riding Tips

There are a variety of factors that play into staying cool in the summer while riding your motorcycle. This includes breathable gear like pants, jacket, shirt, and helmet. Also staying hydrated can impact the feeling of riding in hot weather. There are many ways to keep cool and stay hydrated while riding your motorcycle this summer.

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Summer Riding Gear

I know it's hot but get covered with some great summer gear to stay cool! Limiting skin exposure can help keep your body hydrated. The more exposure, the drier your skin. This may sound like a way to keep your body cool but makes it much harder to hydrate. This can also prevent sunburn by limiting skin exposure. Limiting skin exposure can benefit you throughout the entire motorcycle ride.

A piece that you will never want missing from your gear in the summer is a mesh fabric or perforated leather. These materials will provide adequate airflow for motorcycle riding. Having protective material in prone areas is important but also finding a jacket that balances protection and cooling can help find you, your summer jacket. Check out our top rated Summer Riding Jackets Here!

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A Quality Ventilated Helmet

It is very common now to acquire a good helmet that’s adequately ventilated so that your face shield doesn’t fog up, you don’t overheat or get dehydrated. The most important piece to keep you hydrated and safe from heat is a good helmet that is rated for its airflow and eye protection. A protective helmet with a cushion causes most to sweat but the simple airflow technology through specific seams and vents on the helmet applies zero sweat tolerance. 

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The Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet is a dynamic choice for a helmet that can accomplish more than you need. The aerodynamic shell design maximizes the proper wind tunneling and airflow. This helmet also includes well made multi-layer EPS liner for impact absorption and ventilation. 

For ventilation, the upper half of the helmet has been redesigned to intake air through the top vent. This can help reduce shield fogging and also increase ventilation. There are upper and lower intake vents easily accessible. The effective air exhaust is located in the rear towards the neck. There are 3 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents. 

A built-in sun visor is very important on a summer ride. Having eye protection will decrease the chances of being blinded in curves and getting sunburnt. The lengthened QSV-2 drop-down sun shield provides 5mm more length for instant sun relief. 

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated before and during the summer ride is beneficial. Having a lightweight backpack or water pack can sustain a long ride in the hot weather. Buying a water pack will impact not only your summer rides but all year round. Highly recommended companies are Klim and Camelback. Both give a wide variety of water backpacks with carry capacity making your rides more enjoyable.

A short break every so often can benefit dehydration or possible heat exhaustion. It is recommended to not be near air conditioning for long periods between breaks due to physics you will be even hotter afterward. So sit back and enjoy the view while drinking water. 


Wicking Layers

Sweating under all our gear may be an issue but with a wicking base layer, you will stay cool throughout your entire ride. Sweating is how our bodies regulate heat, but when it evaporates, our bodies get cooled. With a wicking base layer, it wicks away your sweat and moisture to keep you dry throughout the ride. A wicking layer has been recommended by many athletes due to overheating and sweating.

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Hydration Vests

Similar to a wicking base layer is a hydration vest lined with crystals to obtain moisture and sweat off your body to keep you dry. This can benefit you a lot longer than a wicking base layer. They both can perform the same idea of soaking up moisture to keep you cool on a long ride. 

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Know The Warning Signs

When your body starts to feel dehydrated, understanding that you are experiencing symptoms of dehydration or heat exhaustion is important for your health. Losing the ability to cool yourself can result in vasodilation. This means your blood starts to flow closer to the surface which helps cool yourself down but you're slowing down blood flow to other important areas in your body. 

  • Heavy Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Moist Skin

These are very important factors to consider when riding in the heat to understand if you are getting dehydrated or overheating.



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