Turn and Learn Discount

Turn and Learn Discount 

Turn and Learn in West Jordan, Utah, is a motorcycle shop of all trades providing much more than just repairs. They offer an entire bay for you to do the repairs yourself with all the tools supplied including lifts, tire machines, wheel balancers, and so much more. Don't know how to work on your own bike? They have mechanics who can do the work for you or take a Turn and Learn class to learn how to do it yourself!

Utah Rider Ed graduates get 15% off on your first visit! 

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Benefits of Turn and Learn

Having an advantage in the motorcycle world includes being able to repair and maintain your bike, and making sure it is safe to ride on the road. 

Gain the knowledge to maintain your ride with classes that provide preparedness on essential maintenance whether you’re in the shop or on a road trip. Turn and Learn most importantly has a safe environment with all the equipment you will need, and they will teach you how to use it properly. 

“I turned, I learned, I did it myself”

Why You Should Go to Turn and Learn

They are a community garage in West Jordan, Utah, empowering motorcycle riders to become prepared, confident, and knowledgeable on upkeep and maintenance.

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Turn and Learn provides a variety of services which include Maintenance, Repairs, Classes, and DIY Spaces. 



General Repairs and Specialist repairs can be completed at the convenience of skilled professionals always ready to teach and help out.



They offer a wide variety of classes including chain cleaning, brake maintenance, fork rebuilding, valve adjustments, and tires. These are all commonly recommended skills to learn when you own your personal motorcycle.

Check out the offered classes here: https://www.turnlearn.work/contact-4 


DIY Space

This is a clean, spacious, and equipment-filled bay that you can rent for as long as you need to fix your motorcycle.

See all their offered services and book online at https://www.turnlearn.work/book-online 

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1505w 7800 S, West Jordan, UT 84088

(801) 859-6952

Facebook - HERE

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Turn and Learn is down the street from our West Jordan School District Parking Lot teaching location.


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