Which course is right for you?

Our rider courses are designed to help riders with any level of experience. We provide a safe and positive place to learn and develop your basic mental and physical skills for riding.

This is the best place to start once you’ve made the decision to ride, or if you are returning to riding after a long absence. It covers the basics of operating a motorcycle and safety-oriented mental strategies. Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use. Successful completion of this course will waive the riding test for the Utah Driver License Division, and you may also receive discounts at local dealerships and most insurance companies.

For riders with at least 1,000 miles of current riding experience and a permit or valid endorsement. It is an excellent refresher course for practicing and improving cornering, stopping quickly, swerving, traction management and many more riding skills. Up to five hours of training on your own motorcycle. Passengers are also permitted and may participate in most exercises. Students with a permit can do a License Waiver Test at the end of class that will waive the riding test for the Utah Driver License Division once successfully completed.

We provide the most flexible and customized private instruction program in the state. If you just want extra, one-on-one attention or your busy schedule simply does not work with our traditional course times, private instruction may be just what you need. Without a doubt, one-on-one instruction is the fastest way to improve your skills. Private courses can be completed in one day and group rates are available.