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Any Active-Duty Military or First Responders can receive up to 50% off our regular courses. This discount does not apply to dependents nor private courses. Use Promo: FREEDOM23 at checkout :)

The Basic Rider Course includes the use of our 250cc motorcycles, which can qualify you for the -649cc endorsement. At the end of your Basic Rider Course, we have 650cc+ testing, which would qualify you for the “unlimited license”. To rent our bigger bike for the 650cc+ testing the cost is $40 and you can pre-reserve it during registration or pay at class with cash or card. Alternatively, you have 30 days to come and re-test on a bigger bike after class. You can find and register for “Re-Test” times HERE

More info on Licensing HERE

Have your own bike? You can use your bike in class and/or testing at no additional charge. Be sure you meet all the requirements HERE

For any of our courses you will need the following riding gear:
  • Full-fingered gloves, preferably leather, must fully cover hand and fingers.
  • Eye protection such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles, or a full-face helmet.
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket.
  • Sturdy full-length pants, like blue-jeans.
  • Shoes or boots must cover the ankle.
  • Helmet, DOT approved.

This is the online classroom portion of the Basic Rider Course. The info to get registered will be included in your Booking Confirmation email. If you have your motorcycle permit already you will still need to complete the E-Course. The E-Course will need to be completed before you receive a completion card for class so we recommend getting it finished before the first riding session. You do not need to print your completion certificate! Simply email or text in a pic to the office.

The course waiver link will be emailed separately within a week of your course. The waiver is all completed via DocuSign and you will not need to email or send us a copy. Be sure to select the Minor Waiver option if you are under 18 years old.

Basic Courses - Any rescheduling or cancellation prior to two weeks before class will be charged a $40 fee. Rescheduling or cancelling within two weeks of class will be assessed a $70 fee. There are no refunds for students who no-show, reschedule or cancel within 48hrs of class.
Experienced/Advanced Courses - Any rescheduling or cancellation prior to two weeks before class will be charged a $20 fee. Rescheduling or cancelling within two weeks of class will be assessed a $35 fee. There are no refunds for students who no-show, reschedule or cancel within 48hrs of class.
Private Courses - Your deposit paid during booking is non-refundable. Rescheduling within two weeks of class will be assessed a $70 fee. There are no refunds for students who no-show, reschedule or cancel within 48hrs of class. To reschedule or cancel your course, reach out to the office or log in to your customer portal HERE

We have a wide variety of bikes to fit the stature of most everybody. If you have a unique build or situation that we should be made aware of, you may want to text or email us for more specific information.

We have a wide variety of styles at every location, including sport, standard, cruiser, and dual sport.

We are so excited that the number of women riders has been on the rise in Utah! We usually have anywhere from 40% - 60% women per class. We also have several female instructors :)

This does not happen often but if it does it’s ok! We are here to help! Students are usually asked to come back and attend one or two riding sessions; this is called a Re-Ride. Most re-riders are successful and extremely confident after the second riding session. The information on pricing and registration for your Re-Ride will be included with the packet you receive at class.

The Basic Rider Course (BRC): $260

Experienced (BRC2) and Advanced Courses: $100

Private Basic Rider Course: $420 for one student, $350 each for up to 3 students.

Private Experienced (BRC2) and Advanced Courses: $250 for one student, $200 each for up to 3 students.

Be aware the riding sessions are about five hours. Be prepared with plenty of water and snacks. There are breaks every other exercise or so to hydrate and get in a quick snack, some longer than others for bathroom breaks. Since we do run classes in parking lots the bathrooms are off-site, but near-by. Be sure to consider the weather, be prepared with sunscreen and layered clothing options.

We run classes in just about any weather condition. However, if conditions become un-safe class will be postponed or fully rescheduled. It is definitely helpful if you are prepared for the conditions, here are a few recommendations:

Cold/Rain/Snow: Bring multiple layers with options! Rain gear like Frogg Toggs can be purchased at almost any local bike shop or amazon and are perfect to keep the rain out and wind at a minimum. Other items we would recommend are Snow pants and/or jacket, Neck Gaiter, Water resistant gloves (and bring spare pairs), Hand warmers, and Waterproof hiking boots.

High Temps: Sunscreen is a must! A light weight and light color long sleeve shirt or ventilated/mesh riding jacket, Mesh summer riding pants or fishing pants, and Breathable mesh hiking boots are great for grip and air flow. Consider bringing a couple frozen bottles of water or cooler (especially handy if you are using a cooling vest/chilly rag). Since sweat is a thing when its hot you might also consider a skull cap of sorts to wear in your helmet.

Please keep in mind we want you to have an enjoyable experience, so if you are not comfortable riding in the current conditions, please let us know before class or let your coach know at class. We will work with you to get you rescheduled.

You will need to be at least 15 ½ years with a valid car learners permit to take a rider course. The completion certificate from class is valid for 6 months at the DLD to waive the motorcycle riding exam, so be sure you will have a full driver’s license by then. Please note anyone on a car permit cannot ride a personal bike since they cannot qualify for a motorcycle permit.

The completion certificates from the BRC or BRC2 courses are valid for 6 months at the DLD to waive the motorcycle riding exam. For insurance discounts it is usually valid for up to 5 years.

If you have lost your completion card, or need the name changed, please email or text the office. The cost is $20 and we will only be able to “snail mail” your new certificate. Please keep in mind we can only replace cards up to 5 years from completion date.

You can use your personal bike/scooter in class. You will need a motorcycle permit, registration, and insurance. Be sure you meet all the requirements HERE

We currently do not offer any courses that can accommodate a three wheel motorcycle.

Successful completion of our Basic or Experienced Rider Course will waive the riding test portion for Utah and most other states. No course will waive the written test. Be sure to read the Utah Motorcycle Operator Handbook before taking the written test at The Utah Driver License Division.

In 2008 Utah adopted a tiered motorcycle license system. The idea behind the law was to prevent new riders from starting out on powerful motorcycles and to encourage learning to ride on smaller bikes. This is like licensing used in most European countries. More info on our Licensing Page.

The Basic Rider Course is for brand new or returning riders. We start with the primary controls and progress through very basic riding skills, such as riding in a straight line, shifting, turning and stopping. And that's just the first day. You must be able to ride a bicycle prior to class. If you have never ridden before, get as much bicycle riding in before class as possible. We also offer the 3hr Intro courses for those who are not sure they are ready for the Basic Course. Please contact us if you are not sure which option works best for you.

You do not need a motorcycle license or permit to take the Basic Rider Course (BRC) unless you plan to bring your own motorcycle. To take the Experienced or Advanced Courses you do need to have a valid motorcycle license or a valid motorcycle learners permit.