Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The pricing of all of our courses is subsidized by the State of Utah. The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is $200 and the Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) is $70 for Utah state residents. The Experienced Rider Course with a license waiver option is $85. However, based on State funding we may need to adjust the prices accordingly. So please check with us for the most current pricing information.

Do I need my own motorcycle?

We provide you with the motorcycle for the Basic Rider Course (BRC). If you are taking the Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) the course is taken on your own bike. Personally owned scooters are also welcome in our Basic Rider Course. Additional arrangements may have to be made to ensure we can accommodate your scooter. And yes, all scooters require a motorcycle endorsement in the state of Utah, even scooters smaller than 50cc.

What if I've never ridden a motorcycle before?

The Basic Rider Course is designed for the brand new or returning rider. It starts at the very beginning of riding. Starting with the primary controls, the proper starting sequence and continuing with very basic riding skills, such as riding in a straight line, shifting, turning and stopping. And that's just the first day. However, having good balance helps and spending time riding a bicycle before class is beneficial.

Which course is best for me?

If you have your motorcycle endorsement and at least 1,000 miles of current motorcycle riding experience then the Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) may be your best option. If you don't have either or, simply, not confident in your riding then the Basic Rider Course (BRC) is probably the most suitable. However, if you choose the Experienced Rider Course and our coaches do not feel you have the necessary skills you may be rescheduled into a Basic Rider Course. We also have private instruction available if you want or need extra attention or have difficult scheduling challenges. More »

Do I need a motorcycle license or a learners permit?

You do not need a motorcycle license or permit to take the Basic Rider Course (BRC) but you do need a drivers license or a certificate of completion from driver education. To take the Experienced Rider Course (ERC) you do need to have a valid motorcycle license or a valid motorcycle learners permit.

Will you have a motorcycle to fit me if I'm short?

We have a wide range of bikes with seat heights from very low to fairly tall. We should have a bike to fit the stature of most everybody. If you have a unique build or situation that we should be made aware of, you may want to contact us for more specific information.

Will I be the only female in class?

No guarantees, but we usually have from 40% - 60% females. We also have several female instructors and occasionally hold ladies-only classes.

Will this class make me an expert rider?

Our courses will not make you an "expert" rider. Riding a motorcycle is a life-long learning process. The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is a good starting point. We also also offer the Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) designed for riders with at least 1,000 miles of experience. The Experienced course is a great way to polish and improve your skills. It provides the tools to help achieve excellence.

Are there alternative schedules other than what you have listed?

Yes, we offer other schedules when the need arises. They are usually based on season and demand. If your busy schedule prevents you from taking a course during our regularly scheduled times we are very proud to offer the most flexible private lessons in the state. We also have special scheduling for groups. More »

Will this prepare me for the state motorcycle test?

Successful completion of our Basic Rider Course (BRC) will likely get the riding portion of the state exam waived. The State Drivers License Division always has the option of requiring the riding portion of the evaluation, although it is rare. You should also read the Utah Motorcycle Operator Handbook before taking the written portion.

What if I want to learn to ride a scooter and not a motorcycle?

We do not have scooters available for first time riders at this time. However, scooters are allowed to participate in the Basic Rider Course (BRC) as long as you let us know ahead of time that you wish to ride your personal scooter. Scooters are always welcome in our Experienced Rider Course (BRC2). And yes, all scooters require a motorcycle endorsement in the state of Utah, even scooters smaller than 50cc.

What is Utahs Tiered Motorcycle License?

In 2008 Utah adopted a tiered motorcycle license system. The idea behind the law was to prevent brand new riders from starting out on large, powerful motorcycles and to encourage learning to ride on smaller, lighter bikes. This is similar to licensing regulations used in most European countries.

  • If you test on a 90cc or less motorcycle or scooter you will be restricted to 90cc or less
  • If you test on a 249cc or less motorcycle or scooter you will be restricted to 249cc or less
  • If you test on a 649cc or less motorcycle or scooter you will be restricted to 649cc or less
  • If you test on a motorcycle or scooter larger than 650cc you will be allowed to ride any motorcycle or scooter

When you take the Basic Rider Course on our 250cc trainer motorcylces, successful completion will waive the riding portion of the license test for an up to 649cc endorsement. To get an endorsement for motorcycles above 649cc you have three options;

  1. Re-test with us on your own motorcycle within 30 days of your Basic Rider Course. This takes about 15-20 minutes and the price is $15.
  2. Re-test with us on our 650cc motorcycle within 30 days of your Basic Rider Course. Price for this option is $50.
  3. Take the Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) with the license waiver on your personal motorcycle that is 650cc or larger for $85. This option is mainly for people who are past their 30 days.

Re-tests must be scheduled ahead of time.

Will the class be fun?

We hope so! We believe that since motorcycling is fun, the training should be fun too. There can always be a little stress when learning a new skill, but our instructors do all they can to put students at ease and, hopefully, make it an enjoyable experience. We are very proud of having the very best instructors to introduce new riders to one of the most exciting and enjoyable activity we know of.

We strive to make our classes as fun, enjoyable and as informative as possible.