Can I use my personal bike for the Basic Course?

You may bring your personal motorcycle for the second day of riding. You will need a Motorcycle Permit, insurance and registration. Your bike will have to pass a basic safety inspection at class to be sure it is in safe operating condition.

Can I use my Scooter for the Basic Course?

Bring your scooter to any of our courses and receive all the same education and benefits. You will need to bring a Motorcycle Permit, insurance and registration. Your scooter will have to pass a basic safety inspection at class to be sure it is in safe operating condition.

Will this prepare me for the state motorcycle test?

Successful completion of our Basic or Experienced Rider Course will waive riding exam for Utah and most other states. You should read the Utah Motorcycle Operator Handbook before taking the written test at The Utah Driver License Division. Online handbook link: https://dld.utah.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2015/01/Motorcycle-Handbook-Combined-2016.pdf

For more info on Utah Motorcycle Licensing:

What is Utah’s Tiered Motorcycle License?

In 2008 Utah adopted a tiered motorcycle license system. The idea behind the law was to prevent new riders from starting out on powerful motorcycles and to encourage learning to ride on smaller bikes. This is like licensing used in most European countries. More info on our Licensing Page.

How much does it cost?

The Basic Rider Course (BRC): $200
Experienced Rider Course (BRC2): $70 w/License Test $85 w/Our Bike $140
Private Basic Rider Course: $350 for one student or $275ea for groups of 2 or more
Private Experienced Course: $200 or $250 if we provide the bike

What if I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before?

The Basic Rider Course is for brand new or returning riders. We start with the primary controls and progress through very basic riding skills, such as riding in a straight line, shifting, turning and stopping. And that’s just the first day. You must be able to ride a bicycle prior to class. If you have never ridden before get as much bicycle riding in before class as possible.

Do I need a motorcycle license or a learner’s permit?

You do not need a motorcycle license or permit to take the Basic Rider Course (BRC) unless you plan to bring your own motorcycle for the second day of riding or to test on. To take the Experienced Rider Course (ERC) you do need to have a valid motorcycle license or a valid motorcycle learners permit. More info on Licensing…..

Will you have a motorcycle to fit me if I’m short?

We have a wide variety of bikes to fit the stature of most everybody. If you have a unique build or situation that we should be made aware of, you may want to contact us for more specific information.

What if I am under 18?

You will need to get a waiver signed by your parent or guardian prior to class. If you attend with no waiver you will be asked to reschedule and will not be permitted to ride in class.

What if I do not pass?

This does not happen often but if it does it’s ok! We are here to help! Students are usually asked to come back and attend one or two riding sessions, this is called a Re-Ride. Most re-riders are successful and extremely confident after the second riding session. The cost is $40 and you can contact the office to schedule.

Will I be the only female in class?

We are so excited that the number of women riders has been on the rise in Utah! We usually have anywhere from 40% – 60% women per class. We also have several female instructors and occasionally hold ladies-only classes.