Intro Course - $50

For brand new riders who are very nervous or not sure if they are ready for the Basic Course. Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use during the course. We offer this course a couple times per month at multiple locations throughout the year.


  • Ability to balance and ride a bicycle
  • Possession of a valid driver's license

What to expect:

A 3hr course that goes through the first 3 exercises of the Basic Rider Course in a small group. You will learn the location/operation of the controls and practice with starting, stopping, and straight-line riding. Bikes and helmets are provided.

Required Riding Gear:

  • Full-fingered gloves, preferably leather, must fully cover hand and fingers.
  • Eye protection such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, or full-face helmet.
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket.
  • Sturdy full-length pants, like blue-jeans. No holes or tares.
  • Shoes/boots must cover the ankle. Avoid large heels or steel-toes.
  • If you choose to bring your personal helmet it must be DOT approved.
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