Utah's Tiered License & Retesting

The Basic Rider Course and the Experienced Rider Course can waive the motorcycle riding exam for the Drivers License Division.

Basic Rider Course includes the use of our 250cc motorcycles, which can qualify you for the -649cc endorsement. At the end of your Basic Rider Course, we have 650cc+ testing, which would qualify you for the "unlimited license". To rent our bigger bike for the 650cc+ testing the cost is $40 and you can pre-reserve it during registration or pay at class with cash or card. Alternatively, you have 30 days to come and re-test on a bigger bike (ours or yours) after class. You can find and register for "Re-Test" times HERE

The Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) offers the optional License Waiver test at the end of class. Successful completion of this test will waive the motorcycle riding exam for the Driver License Division.

Out of State: If you are looking to use your MSF Certificate outside of Utah be sure to contact their local Drivers License Division. Most states will accept out-of-state MSF Certificates, very few will not. It is best to check with the local authority before taking the course.

Utah's Tiered Licensing

In 2008 Utah adopted a tiered motorcycle license system. If you test on a 649cc or less motorcycle or scooter you will be restricted to 649cc or less. If you test on a motorcycle or scooter larger than 650cc you will be allowed to ride any motorcycle or scooter. For more information on tiered licensing visit the Utah Driver License Division HERE