Positives & Negatives Of Modular Helmets

I love my modular helmet! After I purchased my first one in 2013 I will never go back to a regular full face. Granted, there are some positives and negatives to this type of helmet: Testing Content on the local machine


  • Provides the same protection from elements as a full-face while giving the convenience of a ¾ face. You can talk to fellow riders easier, drink a bottle of water, scratch your face, open it when sneezing, and go into gas stations or other places that normally require you to remove your helmet.
  • Easier to clean the screen!
  • If you are claustrophobic but still want the face protection these might be the ticket. Mainly because you have to open the helmet to put it on or take it off.


  • They are not as “safe” as full-face helmets. The chin and jawbone are high impact areas, there is no guarantee that a modular will not “flip up” during a crash exposing those areas.
  • Snell refuses to test modular helmets due to the non-solid chin bar, therefore we do not have Snell ratings on different brands.
  • They tend to be a little heavier, but I do not notice this so much.

There are many other reasons to love or hate a modular helmet, but I LOVE mine!! Next time you are shopping give one a try 😉

Coach Sarah


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