Putting your bike to bed for the winter

Many of us live where riding year-round is not feasible. Snow, ice, and below freezing temperatures is not fun or safe on a motorcycle. So, if your bike will be stored for a couple of months there are some things you should do to make next spring “riding time” instead of “fixing time”.

#1 Fuel

Fill the tank with non-ethanol fuel, if available. Add some fuel treatment to keep your fuel fresh. We recommend Startron or Lucas Ethanol treatment, both are available at local bike shops and auto parts stores. If your bike has carburetors, turn the fuel valve (petcock) off and run the bike until it is out of gas. If it is fuel injected run the bike long enough to get the treated fuel throughout the system.

#2 Tires

Check the pressure and set as necessary. If possible, store the bike on the center stand or maintenance stands. This will reduce or eliminate the load on the tires and the suspension.

#3 Battery

A battery tender will help keep the battery alive for many years of use. Studies show that it is best to hook up a tender for periods of time, such as one week on and one week off.

#4 Shiny Stuff

To keep your machine looking good, a good bath, polish, and a cover will go a long ways to keeping the paint and chrome from fading or tarnishing.


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