We are starting to hear the term MIPS in the motorcycle world a lot! What is it and what should it matter to riders?  To start MIPS= Multi-directional Impact Protection System In a motorcycle helmet with MIPS Brain Protection System, the shell and the liner are separated by a low-friction
Motorcyclists now have the choice to lane filter. This new law has caused some confusion and misconceptions among motorcyclists and car drivers. The reasoning for this law taking effect was not to give motorcyclists the right of way or to let them cut in line. It was passed as an
At Utah Rider Ed we have convenient options for the 650+ endorsement, allowing you to ride any size motorcycle after licensing. Wondering what the 650cc thing is all about? Asking yourself if you NEED the 650+ motorcycle endorsement? We are here to help! What is tiered licensing? In 2008 Utah
All the bikers, even the oldest, have once been beginners. If we are not all in the same boat, there are certain milestones that we all go through one day. First addressed to a group of bikers crossed on the road, first forgotten crutch, first chills in a tunnel …
Safety Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle In town or on the road: how to drive safely? On a motorcycle or scooter, no bodywork to absorb shocks, no seat belts, no airbags either. Therefore, the essential rule for driving safely can be summed up in one word: plan! With the return